Engineered Flooring Installation Guide

Euroak's Engineered Timber Flooring products are Non-Structural Flooring and for Interior use ONLY

For Underfloor heating please call us for further information before you make a purchase.



NOTE: Please examine all the flooring before installation for the colour, finish, quality and style. The manufacturer will not assume any responsibility for the above once the product has been installed. PVA Glue between Tongue and Groove must be applied for all methods of installation. Personal Protective Equipments (PPE) must be worn during installation these include eyes and ears protectors, gloves and masks (cutting timber will generate dust it may cause harm to your health). Please make sure all power tools and working area are safe and free from children and / or unauthorised personnel. All electrical cables must be regularly checked, tagged and dated by qualified professional. Please make sure you use ONLY Euroak Flooring recommended UNDERLAY and / or Eurobond Flooring Adhesive, otherwise please obtain a written approval from Euroak Flooring.

All Euroak Flooring Products CAN NOT be install direct on soft surface such carpet ...etc Please see below for installation methods or seek professional advice from license floorer or builder for further information. 

The following steps are recommended for installation.
On structural subfloor (plywood, particleboard, concrete. tiles or existing timber floor) over joists. 

1- All subfloor must be stable, firm, dry, clean and free from but not limited to dust, nails, Oil and sharp objects,
2- All subfloor must be level and variation must not exceed 3-4mm over 4m2.
3- A 10mm spaces around the parameter is required skirting or profiles no less than 15mm thickness must not be fixed to the flooring.
4- Moisture in Subfloor (Concrete, Timber, Tiles and / or but not limited) must not exceed more 8-12%. In case above 12% please seek professional advice from licenced floorer or builder.
5- Please make sure you use ONLY Euroak Flooring recommended UNDERLAY and / or Eurobond Flooring Adhesive, otherwise please obtain a written approval from Euroak Flooring.
6- PVA glue must be applied between Tongue and Groove, excessive glue should be cleaned off immediately. In case of using Eurobond Flooring Adhesive please refer to product data sheet for use.
7- Cupping and separation between boards can be the result of poor ventilation and high moisture in the installation areas ventilation and high moisture areas. Please make sure to seek professional advise from licenced floorer or builder before installation.
8- Please keep thorough testing records including RH (Relative Humidity), PH level in subfloor, Moisture Content level. MC (Moisture level in concrete cannot exceed more 8-12% if it over please seek professional advice from a licenced floorer or builder.

Floating floor installation method
Please refer to all below installation guide images.

Glue Down Installation method
Euroak Flooring Engineered Floating Floors it be installed on different surfaces such as Concrete slab, Ceramic Tiles and existing timber flooring,
Please make sure the following additional steps are applied
1- In case of Ceramic tile the subfloor must be 100% stable, firm and free from cracks or movement.
2-In case of Concrete subfloor the following additional steps must apply:
a- Please use Euroak Flooring (Eurobond) Recommend Flooring Adhesive ONLY with 6mm V Trowel (not all Flooring Adhesive are the same nor can be used with our products).

Care & Maintenance

Please referred to Warranty Document for further information
In case of repair and / or but not limited to sanding, buffing, re-staining, recoating must obtain approval for scope of work before and / or but not limited to carry out any type of works. Failure to do so automatically voids warranty.

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